5 Powerful Sprays To Kill Cockroaches In The House

Killing a cockroach is actually not that difficult as there are some sprays that you can use to remove this pesky pest. Some of them can even be made using home remedies so it is very easy to get your hands on them. Killing the cockroach is a preferred method, as when they infest the house, it is rather hard to make them move from inside. Moreover, they might even get onto your food and damage various things in your house from your books to the previous electronic equipments. As they are also dangerous and able to spread various diseases, then try to kill them as soon as you spot on one. Here is a spray-shaped cockroach control that you can use.

5 of the Best Roach Killer Spray

1. Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener

If you ask how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies usage, then you can actually try and use fabric softener. This item can kill the roach but you need to actively spray the roach using the sprayer. To create the mixture just take a spray bottle, then pour fabric softener into 3/5 of the sprayer, then add water to fill up the sprayer. Shake the bottle to mix the mixture every time you want to use it and spray it into any cockroach that you see. The cockroach is a creature that uses their skin to breathe thus the mixture on their skin will make them suffocate.

2. Dish soap

Dish soap

If you do not have any fabric softener in hand, then you can actually use dish soap as temporary caution. Just spray dish soap which already dilute in water to any roach in sight. This sprayer work the same way as the previous sprayer even though is not as effective.

3. Insecticide


This sprayer is effective because it contains Cyfluthrin inside the ingredient which can kill the cockroach. When you try to purchase insecticide, try to search one that has label to use it for cockroach or simply looking that ingredient that we mention above. Then use the sprayer to coat any surface where the cockroach might hide such as walls, crack and even the vent.

4. Liquid concentrate

Liquid concentrate

This sprayer is actually used by professional pest terminator to remove the cockroach. Previously, it is only exclusively available for professional usage, but now you can also get your hands on them. This sprayer can even protect your house from re-infestation as it is stay affective for 1-2 weeks after being applied.

5. Cypermethrin


If you want to know how to get rid of cockroaches forever like professional, then you need to use this sprayer. This is actually pesticide with the strongest poison as it contains Cypermethrin. Because it is so strong, it would not only kill cockroach but also all bugs in sight. That is why, use it when the infestation is heavy and other sprayer is not effective anymore.

Those are several sprayers that you can use to kill any cockroach in sight. But some of them are also effective to use on the cockroach hideout to remove and kill them when they walk on it.

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