Best Cockroach Control Method to Use

If you want to know the best cockroach control method that you can use, you actually need to do several things to make the methods more effective. Especially since the infestation that spread around the house cannot be cope with only one solution. So you need to be active and choose things that can actually help you to get rid of the cockroach from your resident. Of course, you should also try to use prevention method as part of the control to ensure there is no new infestation that might come into the house. Now let us see several method that you can use to control the cockroach infestation inside your house.

Learn How to Get Rid Of Cockroaches In House

1. Cockroach strip

The cockroach strip is a thing that you can use to control the amount of cockroach that infesting your house. Of course, you need to put the strip down in area where the cockroach often hides. That is why; you need to go and place a lot of them in the area of your house which you often see the roaches in. Use flashlight to make it easy for you to look into the dark corner as most cockroach will hide in that dark area. Then after you place the strip, you need to check back after a few days or at most one week. If you find a lot of cockroach on the strip that means the area you find is a main area where the cockroaches like to hide. Thus you need to pay attention on the control method in that area.

2. Sealing

Now if you want to know how to get rid of cockroaches in apartments, then it is important to seal the house. Not only on your door and window, but it is also important to seal on the crack that you have in your wall. Do not forget to put barrier on the pipes as the cockroach may spread across apartment from the plumbing. Use chalk and sealers on the holes and crack to completely seal your apartment from new cockroach that tries to come in.

3. Bait

It is another thing that you can use to control the amount of cockroach inside your house. Then what kills cockroaches instantly using baits? Actually most bait would not instantly kill the baby cockroach as it is intended to spread the poison inside the bait to other cockroach.

4. Boric acid

If you want to use cockroach control home remedy, then you can try to apply boric acid. However be very careful as this item is quite poisonous so do not left them lying around everywhere especially when there are pets or children in your house. This item will be effective to kill the roaches so it is good to use in controlling them.

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Best Cockroach Control Method to Use

Those are several best roach killer that you can use to control the cockroach that infests your house or apartment. Trying different method might make you understand more on which method that is suitable to be used on your house.


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