Cockroach Larvae or Nymphs Identification

The biggest concern on cockroach infestation lies on the eggs which will hatch into cockroach larvae or nymphs and grows to adult within days. The eggs of this cockroach itself will hatch since there is pressure from the hatchling that is inside the egg sack which known as the ootheca. Then after the egg hatch then the larvae which also known as the nymphs will comes out from the sack. The larvae itself is actually in smaller form of the adult version of cockroach that you often see infesting your house. But it is a little difficult to find the larvae thus you might not know what they looks like.

Cockroach Nymphs Identification

Cockroach Larvae

Each cockroach eggs hatching time is different based on their species. But after they hatch the larvae will have white bright color the first time. Then their color will begin to darken overtime while their outer body becomes harder. This process is usually only takes hours to do so. However, in the newer study, it is said that the availability of food source for the larvae. Within the first stage of molting which is around 12 hours will high affect the growing state of the larvae.

In each stage of the molting process that the larvae will go through then their color will become darker. Thus most of the time, you will see the cockroach nymphs in more grayish color instead of the initial white color when they firstly hatched. The larvae itself will need to go through several stages of the molting process. Then in the end they will become adult cockroach that you often see. But actually the larvae itself is very much similar with the adult cockroach since the first time they hatched.

For example for the German cockroach eggs, they will hatch into larvae that are 3 mm in length. Then through their stage of the molting process, their color will become darker uniformly. However for the German larvae, they will have some light colored patch in the back area. With each of their stage of the molting process then that patch will become more prominent. This process is already starting right from the second stage of the molting process until the third process.

Then for the Brown-banded larvae, they will have two bands which located in the body area. This band will continue to become darker with each of their stage of the molting process then will end up with either light gold color or even black color. Meanwhile for the American larvae on the early stages of the molting process they will have gray brownish color. But that color will turn into more reddish color with each stage of the molting process that they going through.

Those are several cockroach eggs information along with the larvae form as well as molting process that will highly affect their appearance. We hope with that information, now you can identify the cockroach larvae better as different cockroach species has different larvae appearance. Then you can see how they very similar to their adult form in the end.

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