Common Signature on Different Types of Roaches

There are different types of roaches that available around the world, this is why it is rather difficult for you to identify all of them. Especially, when you do not know what to look at when you try to know their types. However, if you already know their signature, then you can tell the types easier by looking at the sign. But of course, what you learn should be the more common one instead of learning all of them. As there are thousands roaches types that are available, so there is no way you can learn all of them. That is why; we will give you information about more common types here.

Brown-banded Roach Types

Brown-banded Roach

This roach type has small size, usually around 5/8 inches. Because of this, the roach is known as the smallest cockroach type that you can find. The male of this cockroach has dark brown color on the base of their body, then the color gradually change into gold tan color nearing the tip of its wings. Meanwhile the female has more of darker brown color on the body and red brown color on the wings. The signature of this cockroach is on the two bands that lie on all across their body and wings which have lighter yellow color. This roach type like to be in the humid as well as warm area of the house.

German Roach Type

German Cockroach

Even though this cockroach is called as German roach but actually it is very common type in the America region. This roach type is a bit bigger from the previous type with half inch size. Because they can quickly breed, this cockroach invasion into the resident is very disturbing. The signature of this cockroach is on the parallel lines which lie on their head with dark brown or black color. This roach type like to be in the moist as well as warm area of the house.

American Roach Type

American cockroaches

This cockroach has the largest size among all of the roach type that we mention here. This roach is also called as Palmetto bug and they can grow from 1 inch until around 3 inches in size. The signature of this cockroach is on their body color that appears reddish and almost appears as amber color which does not available in other roach type. their body also looked glossy and you can see dots on their shoulder.

Oriental Roach Type

oriental cockroach

This roach has tubular shaped body with dark color that appears almost black. They are around 1 inch in size but the male has smaller size compared to the female. They do not have any signature mark found in their body thus you will be able to identify them from their color and body shape which is different from other cockroach type.

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That concludes the types of roaches with pictures that you should know and learn. The types that we mention here are the most common one that often found in your resident area. You should be able to identify most of them after knowing this information here.


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