Difference Between a Palmetto Bug and a Cockroach

If you want to know what is the difference between a palmetto bug and a cockroach then you should learn about this type of bug further. Actually the palmetto bug is only common nickname that people use to call American cockroach. The reason why people like to call this type of cockroach as palmetto bug is because they will hide under leaves of a type of palm tree named palmetto trees that have big sizes. But that is why; this bug is also called in various names such as Bombay canary, water bug, southern cockroach as well as flying cockroach. But do not be surprised with their name as this bug is actually not an aquatic animal.

Identification of American Cockroach or Palmetto Bug

Palmetto Bug

If you want to know what does a palmetto bug look like, then you should know their physical appearance. Their body length is usually around 40 mm which makes them as biggest cockroach species that like to invade people’s residence. Their body is red brown in color and they also have wings on the back of their body. But they cannot fly well, thus they usually will only glide on the surface to move around. But this behavior is often misunderstood as attacking motion that done to people whenever they try to open the door. However, what actually happen is that the bug only glides towards the light source inside your house.

If you want to know whether the palmetto bug bite or not, then you should not have to worry. This bug is rarely bite people and even if they do the bite, it is not too serious. The bite will not feel painful, but it will leave some red marking in your skin. However, there is further danger that is caused by the bug infestation itself. Especially since this bug love to hide in unsanitary places, thus it may contaminate the food stored in your house with salmonella bacteria. This bug is also known to trigger asthma as well as various other allergies.

Their food is usually organic material or any kind that is currently available for them. From the decaying animal, hair, food in the trash can, glue and papers. They can survive for around two until three months with no eating, and around one month with no water. This is why; they usually life for long time that can reach until a year long.

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This bug itself can adapt to various temperature very easy. However, when they see weather outside is not suitable for them to live. For example when it is too cold, too hot, or when there is flood. Then this bug may try to seek shelter inside your house. Since they usually gathered inside large size groups, then you will find hundreds or even thousands of this bug when invest your house. They like to live inside warm as well as dark area of your house. Florida is the climate that suitable for them. That is why; they also often called as palmetto bug Florida.

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