Do Cockroaches Like Light and Attracted to Them?

Most of the time, you see cockroach at night inside your house, but you might wonder whether your house light attract them to come into your house or not. Actually the roach is nocturnal creature which means they will become active at night. This is why, you will rarely see them during the day and only spot them during the night them after the area has become dark. Even when you spot them during the day, they will most likely hide in area that is completely or mostly dark such as the basement, inside crack in your wall and many others.

Then Are Cockroaches Attracted to Light?

So to answer the previous question, no they actually do not like light and not attracted to them. This is the reason why, you will see the cockroach running away when you turn on the light inside your bathroom. However, this does not mean they are scared to the light, but they just prefer to stay in the darkness.

Then why do roaches run from light? Actually the reason why they start running away when you turn on the light is because they are afraid to danger that comes with the light. As you know the cockroach will become more visible when there is light, which make them need to run away and not exposing themselves to danger. Thus they will start running away to search for dark places where they can hide themselves so you would not easily spot them.

Do not forget that the cockroach is not only hate the artificial light that comes from the light bulb inside your house. But they actually also hates the sunlight as they are nocturnal creature. This is the reason seeing cockroach during the day is a rare sight. But if you are able to spot this creature during the day, then it is an alarming thing.

Usually the cockroach will try to hide themselves from the sunlight. But if they do come out during the day, this means there are things that force them to come out from their safe place. They might need to go out in search for food, or when their hiding place is already too crowded for them. Thus you can use this rare sight as an indicator that there are cockroach infestation near the area where you spotted them.

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Even though, the cockroach prefers to stay in dark area. And only comes out, when they are forced to do so. But once they live in area that has more light than darkness, then they can quickly adapt to their new environment. This means they will be more accustomed with the light and able to behave naturally even when there are lights on their environment.

Do Cockroaches Like Light

This is what makes them dangerous pest as they will most likely to infest your houses even when the house is well light. That is why, if you want to prevent them from infesting your house then try to properly seal your house and remove any possible access that they can use. If it is already in the house, you can try to use Best Cockroach Control Method to drive it out

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