How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches, Use These 5 Tips!

If you want to get rid of cockroaches then you should know several methods that are effective to remove this pest from your resident. Of course doing prevention even before they infest your house is better so you do not even need to be bother with them. But once they do infest your house, then that means you need to do some method which actually able to remove them completely. And you should know that you cannot handle this pest by only doing one method. This is why we have 5 tips that you should do in order to remove them from your house.

5 Cockroach Control Tips to Remove Roach

1. Identify

The first thing that you should do is to identify the area that the roaches infest since it is the site that they are active the most. It is actually quite easy to do as you only need to use flashlight so you can investigate dark area where the cockroach usually hide. Those areas include under skin, holes or cracks in the wall, behind furniture and refrigerator, dark corner in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as basement and garage. Then put several roach strips on those places so you will know whether they really hide in that area or not. Check back within a week and strips that collect most roach means it is the main infest area.

2. Seal

If you ask how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator, then you might want to try and seal off the ways that they use to infest your house. This method is used so you can prevent new infestation happen after you remove all cockroaches that are already inside. Use chalk as well as weather strip to seal the holes in your walls, windows and doors.

3. Baits

There are various baits that you can use to remove the cockroach that already infest your house. First is the gel bait which can be put into various places even the holes where the cockroach often hides. There is also bait station which filled with poison to kill the cockroach and spread the poison to other roaches that comes in contact.

4. Boric acid

Now if you want to learn how to get rid of roaches with borax then it is actually very easy to do as you only need to apply it to various areas where the cockroaches are sighted. However, be very careful when you apply this as it is poisonous especially when there are children or pets around.

5. Terminator

If you have tried all of those methods and still nothing works, then it might be the right time for you to call professional terminator. Professional terminator has more advanced tools and chemical that will work as best roach killer.

Those are several tips that you can use whenever you have problem in controlling cockroach infestation in your house. Try to do more methods so the effectiveness of the method that you use will be increase and more roach dies.


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