Identification Big Cockroach and Tiny Cockroach

You might want to learn about the identification big cockroach and tiny cockroach especially since there is different type of cockroach available in the world. But of course, we will only discuss the most common one so you can understand more about their differences. All of those cockroaches come from different variation. Even though they have different appearance, all of them are still cockroach. But as their appearance is still quite similar to one another, it is pretty difficult to identify them. Especially, if you do not know what to look at, when trying to differentiate them.

Brown-banded Cockroach Identification

If you want to identify this type of cockroach then the first thing you need to do is to look at their size. This cockroach usually tiny with 5/8 inches length, they are considered as the smaller types that you can find. Then on their body you can see a yellowish brown color band which is very thick in size. The ticker band can be seen on their lower abdomen area and the thinner band can be seen on middle abdomen area. The main thing that you should see is the area that you currently reside as this cockroach is only living in an area that has low or even mid temperature and it should be humid.

German Cockroach Identification

This type of cockroach is actually a little bit larger compared to the previous type, they usually in ½ inches in size. Take a look at their back as they will have parallel lines that come down from their head toward their wings. The lines have darker brownish color or even black. The usually resides in warm and moist area of your bathroom and kitchen as well as the trash.

American Cockroach Identification

This type of cockroach is the largest type which can even grow until two inches in length. They mainly identify using their color which is reddish brown that almost appear as amber. This is different from other type of cockroach which are mostly has brownish color that appear muddy. They will also have two dots that are located in their shoulder area. These dots are dark brown in color instead of the other part of their body which is redder. Furthermore their body color is also appearing glossy and shiny which makes them stand out among other cockroach.

Oriental Cockroach Identification

This is the last type that is popular and they usually come at around 1 inch in size. Their body is shaped almost tubular which make them has similar wide from the head toward the foot. But remember the female one is actually has larger size compared to the male of this type. For their color, they are mostly deeper brownish color which almost appears black. And most importantly they do not have any marking on their body.

Identification Big Cockroach and Tiny Cockroach

Those are several types of roaches with pictures to identify them easier from one another. Now that you know their differences, then you can notice each cockroach from the biggest to the tiniest of them all easier.


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