Identification Cockroach Vs Waterbug and How to Tell the Difference

You might want to know the difference between the water bug vs. roach so you can identify both of those two creatures from one another. Especially since those two creatures are actually different insect. They are often mistaken by a lot of people as their appearance is quite similar to one another. If you want to know a well known water bug species that people commonly see is the giant water bug that is often called as the electric-light bug, the alligator tick, or the toe biter. Meanwhile there are two types of roach that often miss identify as the water bug. Those two roaches are American cockroach as well as oriental cockroach.

Water Bug Identification from Cockroach

cockroach and waterbug

Actually the size of water bug is larger than house cockroach as the water bug is 3.8 cm in length and the cockroach is commonly half inch in length. However, American cockroach is often mistaken as water bug since this type of cockroach as large size. But you can actually differentiate them apart by seeing the eight shape pattern with yellow color that available on the cockroach’s head.

Furthermore this bugs that look like cockroaches but aren’t actually different in color. The cockroach itself is usually has dark brown or light tan type of color. Meanwhile the waterbug color itself is usually has black or tan type of color. However, there are a lot of people that cannot differentiate those two colors apart. Especially since both insects has flat and oval body shape with wings and antennas. However, if you pay attention closely the waterbug mouth is short with piercing shape in some kind of pointed beak which goes from below their head.

If you really cannot tell the difference between the two insects then you might want to see the place on where you found them. Usually the black water bug will live in area with water source which is why they are called as water bug. However, they might also be found hiding under debris, or any rotting material. The reason is because once the water bug become adult, they cannot breathe inside the water anymore, thus they will come out to from the water get some air.

Meanwhile, the cockroach will live in area that is humid. However, they would not go into the water source directly. But even with that habitat difference, these insects may still invade your house especially when there are holes, crack or drain which can leads them indoor. That is why; you may also see them in your resident. Because of this habitat change, people become difficult to tell them apart as both of them may be found inside your house.

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If you are concern about the water bug bite, then you should not have to worry too much as this insects will not bite unless provoked. Their bite is actually painful; however, it will not cause any serious effect. It is very rare, but some people may developed allergic reaction to the bite. In case this happen then medical attention need to be given immediately.

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