The Dangers of Cockroach for Human Health

Dangers of cockroaches to human health should we note, dirt, urine, and cockroach infested with bacteria. Most people will feel amused, disgusted, who are afraid when they see this dark brown insect passing by. Yes, the cockroach is his name. Who does not know the insects that hobby live in this dirty place. Cockroaches in addition to disgusting can also spread the virus and various diseases to humans from urine and feces. Here is some information about the dangers of urine and all that is on the body of a cockroach.

Know Cockroach

Cockroaches, heard his name we must imagine various places dirty and dirty. Yes, the cockroach’s living habitat causes cockroaches to spread various diseases in humans. Cockroaches are a kind of ancient insects that also act as one of the triggers of global warming on earth. In the body of the cockroach contains 32 kinds of bacteria, various viruses are also worms.

The Danger Cockroach In Home

Cockroach droppings are small clumps of black. Cockroaches do not use hemoglobin to transport oxygen throughout the body, because that’s why cockroaches are not red. The role of transporting oxygen and disposing of carbon dioxide from the body is done by the trachea. Cockroaches are usually attracted to the holes found in the human body. This all-consuming (omnivorous) insect if the male blood is innocent (no color). The female has a little orange blood. Must read: What Does A Cockroach Look Like

The Dangers of Cockroach for Humans

Not only urine and feces are harmful, almost all that is in the body of a dangerous cockroach. What are the dangers of cockroaches to humans? Here’s the explanation.

Causes Allergies – Cockroaches that secrete saliva also dirt can result in the appearance of allergies. The skin will feel itchy, recurring asthma disease, until the eyes look watery (read: Causes of skin allergies).

Making Food So Dirty – Similar to the food hazards infected with flies, these animals are a type of insect-eating all. Human food, waste paper, bath soap, and more. When cockroaches alight on our food, then it is likely that he has issued a variety of bacteria as well as eggs in the food.

Spreading Bacteria – The role in spreading the bacteria also various diseases is saliva cockroaches. Bacteria that live in the cockroach intestine is very dangerous to human life. This bacterium is called pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The food is so toxic – Food poisoning is not only caused by the condition of food (eg food has expired) but also can be caused by cockroaches who “visit” to our food. Typhoid and paratyphoid salmonella bacteria live in cockroaches.

Disseminate Diseases – Various diseases caused by cockroach droppings, saliva, cockroach urine include typhoid or typhoid fever, hepatitis, diarrhea, cholera, tuberculosis.

Cockroach Dangerous Water

The danger of urinary cockroaches for the health of the body was able to provide harmful effects. When a person is exposed to urine, cockroaches or feces, they will experience various reactions in his body, among others, as follows:

  • The appearance of itching on the skin
  • The occurrence of an asthma reaction
  • Itchy in the throat
  • Itchy on the nose and eyes
  • Reddish skin

Natural Ways Exterminate Cockroaches

  1. Jasmine flower. The trick is to cut the small jasmine flowers are then placed in places that many kecoanya. This causes discomfort in cockroaches.
  2. Pepper. Pasta pepper (ground pepper mixed with water) can be an alternative to provide a safety in places that do not want to be visited by a cockroach. Just rub the pepper paste at the place undoubtedly the cockroach will not come near.
  3. Lavender. A useful cockroach is a lavender seed. The trick is by spreading in place of the emergence of these insects. In addition to the smell, lavender was useful to banish the mosquitoes.
  4. Leaves of Pepper. How to use it is still the same with jasmine, which is cutting pepper leaves until small. Then sprinkle in a place where there are often cockroaches. The smell of pepper leaves disturbs the cockroach’s comfort so it will go from our house.
  5. Leaf Bay. The smoothed bay leaves are then placed in a cockroach hoop, will help to drive the cockroach from home.
  6. Bay leaf. This leaf can also be a cockroach repellent. The freshly sliced ​​freshly sliced ​​leaves, and sprinkle on the spot the cockroach appears. It will throw her out of the house.

Dangers of cockroaches for the health of the human body should be on the watch because it contains some bacteria that are quite dangerous if we consume.

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