What Does A Cockroach Look Like? And Recognize Cockroach Droppings

Once you know the appearance of cockroach then the next thing that you need to know is the cockroach droppings which often sighted but not recognized. The droppings can be used as a sign to spot infestation as it usually sighted in area where they congregate. Furthermore the droppings are also very dangerous as it can cause poisoning and allergy reaction. That is why; it is important for you to clean them right away once you recognize them. This will be able to prevent dangerous treat that comes from the droppings especially when you have family member with asthma.

Cockroach Droppings Identification

Actually you can use the roach dropping as evidence that there are cockroaches in your house. It is also easy to spot as they are quite small in size. For small size roaches, they usually leave behind droppings which are in similar appearance with ground black paper or coffee. But they might also appear as black colored stain which appears similar to ink stain if the surface allows them to soak. Oh hard surface, the droppings might also get smeared which rather rose since the surface does not absorbed them completely.

For larger size cockroach, then the dropping will be more solid and the shape is cylindrical. The color of this dropping is usually varied between species thus sometimes you will find them in black or brown color. Now, if you want to know the difference between roach and mouse droppings, then you can pay attention more on the detail of the dropping. The roach dropping will have ridges that run across the dropping’s length. Meanwhile the mouse dropping would not have this detail. The size is also larger and you will find some short hair inside the dropping.

Actually the cockroach will leave behind dropping everywhere they go as they do not have any specific place to defecate. That is why; you can find them near the place where they eat or nest. Unfortunately, they also often eat your food; this means you will also find their dropping near your food. This is dangerous as this means your food will be contaminated especially since cockroach poop poisonous and might trigger allergy. Especially since the cockroach dropping has ability to increase the severity and instance of the asthma attack.

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Do not ignore any dropping when you found them especially when there are children around so it would not spread to other places. You should know that inside this dropping there is pheromone which will attract other cockroach when they notice it. That is why having cockroach droppings lying around the house might make the infestation become worse. As the pheromone is seen as a sign for congregate together.

Cockroach Droppings

Then how to clean roach droppings? If you want to clean it, then it is better for you to use vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter so airborne contamination can be reduced. Afterwards follow up by wiping the entire surface using soap hot water to remove any stain or smears that is visible there.

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